Friday, December 21, 2007

Sid Fernandez?

This is hysterical. The Radomski affidavit was also unsealed, and names on it that weren't in the Mitchell report are Sid Fernandez, Pete Rose, Jr., and two journeyman minor leaguers who have been out of baseball for years. Sid Fernandez bought $3,500 worth of something from Radomski in 2005, only eight years after he retired. I don't want to speculate, but that seems pretty strange.

Junior Rose distributed date rape drugs to help minor leaguers sleep, apparently. That doesn't completely egg the face of his dad, who a few days ago said that PED use was worse than betting on your own team, but it doesn't help.

The only connection to Pettitte and Clemens is Radomski saying that he sold PED's to McNamee, who was described in the affidavit as being their trainer at the time.

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