Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Real Grimsley Eleven

Well, I'll say it. I was wrong. I rushed to believe the first list of released names on the Grimsley Affidavit, and it turns out a lot of those names were wrong, namely Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens, Brian Roberts, and Jay Gibbons. Here are the details of the actual affidavit.

I really hope that whoever it was at the L.A. Times that published that first list gives up his faulty source, or at least admits that he, um, made some mistakes in his reporting.

How does this affect the Mitchell Report? It's hard to say. As wrong as the original Grimsley report was, Pettitte, Roberts, and Gibbons have since admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. This new information is definitely good news for Clemens, but given that the other three are guilty to some degree, and that the same guy that told the truth about Pettitte also accused Clemens, it still doesn't look good. I still believe McNamee, but not as much; last week I would have thought there was a 5% chance that Clemens was clean, but now I'd say it's closer to 15%.

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