Thursday, January 03, 2008

Defaming McNamee???

McNamee's lawyer is saying that depending on what Clemens says in his 60 minutes interview, that they will be considering pressing charges against Clemens for defamation.

I don't exactly see how defamation is possible.

Clemens is going to call McNamee a liar.

There is no question this is true. Either he lied all the times he said he never gave Clemens steroids or HGH, or he lied when he said he did give them to him. Either way we know he lied.

Right now McNamee's reputation is that of liar, drug pusher, and guy who gave a woman date rape drug and sexually assaulted her (although not convicted of that charge).

How can anybody defame this guy?

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Sully said...

What I find interesting is that it took Clemens so long to come up with the Raffy Palmiero memorial "B12 excuse" AND he has not yet sued McNamee, Mitchell, or MLB for these public allegations. It might not be possible to defame McNamee, but it's also unlikely that Clemens is being slandered here.