Thursday, November 22, 2007

Minor Move

Well, the Bobby Abreu deal looks better. The main piece of that trade was the Yankees 2004 1st round pick CJ Henry. After another miserable year where he batted just .191 (now as an outfielder, not a shortstop like when he was drafted), he asked the Phillies to release him, and they obliged. He then asked the Yankees to sign him and they did so, to a minor league deal.

He's still young as he was drafted out of high school. This was when, year-after-year, the Yankeees were drafting athletes as opposed to baseball players. Henry turned down a full basketball scholorship to sign. Since many first round busts, Henry being the last of them, the Yankees drafting strategy changed with taking more polished players like Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy. Kennedy is a great example, as he was considered one of the lowest risk players in the draft. Not as much as an upside as some, but most people felt he was just about ML ready, which prooved to be true.

So why did the Yankees take Henry back? Well, obviously the risk was low, and there is a glimmer of hope. The final month of last season he batted .300. The change? He was fitted for contact lenses just before that. Maybe he'll play well enough in the Florida State League for the Yankees to trade him at the deadline again.

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