Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yankees in Pursuit of Free Agents

Clearly the Yankees won't be pursuing any free agent hitters, unless Melky Cabrera is traded, not starting players anyway. I haven't heard them being interested in any of the starting pitchers on the Free Agent market, and everyone is only thinking about Johan Santana here anyway (I can't walk down the hallway at work without somebody asking me about Santana).

The Yankee bullpen will look a lot different next season. I'm hoping the Yankees mainly go with young arms from the system, like Ohlendorf, Humberto Sanchez (may not be ready until May), Darrell Rasner, Jeff Karstens, and the like. However, there is one free agent reliever that interests me, and that's Eddie Guardardo. I haven't heard any rumors about him and the Yankees.

The fact is that he's a lefty, and had his $3.5 million option turned down, so he's inexpensive, especially at age 37 coming off surgery. He pitched 13.2 innings last season after surgery to a 7.24 ERA. However, his last 7 innings he gave up just 2 hits, no runs, and hit 94 on the radar gun.

There's a chance he's done and you throw $3 million away for the season. But his upside is as good as any free agent reliever and if he is back, it's an amazing bargain. I want Everyday Eddie.

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Sully said...

First of all, if the Yankees get Santana, you HAVE to get Fernie a Santana jersey and tell him to grow a goatee.

Second of all, haven't the Yankees been talking about the David Riske/Ron Mahay group of middle relievers? I know I've read that somewhere.