Friday, November 16, 2007

Record Chasing

I would say that the biggest 9 career hitting records (counting ones) would be (in no particular order):

Total Bases
Stolen Bases

Barry Bonds currently holds two of these records and if he plays next season he could get the runs record as well to make it three.

Other people who have held three of these include:
Babe Ruth: HR, RBI, BB
Rickey Henderson: Walks, Stolen Bases, Runs
Hank Aaron: Home Runs, RBI, Total Bases
Ty Cobb: Hits, Runs, Total Bases

Cobb ld the modern record for stolen bases as well, as Billy Hamilton was the only person with more, and his career finished in 1901. That would be the closest anybody as had to four of the records.

Doubles and triples both go back to the 1920s, but Tris Speaker's doubles record is not what I would call untouchable. 792 is a ton (which is why it's the record), but not impossible.

Pete Rose has a firm grip on hits.

Rodriguez could become the first with four of the records, and should.

I already went over how "easy" the HR record should be for him. He's 794 runs and 794 RBI away from those records. Those two records are just 2 off from each other, as obviously his totals are too. He needs to average 62% of the RBI and 64% of the runs scored that he's had over the past 10 years in the next 10 to get both of those records. Then he should be able to get total bases as well, although for that he'll need to average 74% of what he did over the past 10 years, needing 260 total bases per year. The fact that he needs under 80 runs and rbi per season should make those pretty easy to get in the Yankee lineup.

That would be an extremely impressive accomplishment. However, in a way only tied with Cobb and still behind Ruth if you add in AVG (Cobb), OBP (Ruth), and SLG (Ruth).

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