Wednesday, October 03, 2007


ALDS 1: Red Sox vs. Angels
This is a really hard one to pick. I don't trust the Red Sox starters. I think a lot of this series is going to come down to Jason Varitek, both offensively and defensively. The Angels will scrap and it will be up to Varitek to keep them in check. The other big factor of course is Manny Ramirez. I never bet against Manny hitting though, and I think Varitek will come through. In the end, I think the reason I don't trust the Red Sox starters is because of what I have seen of them. However, what I have seen of them is against a much better offense than the Angels, and an offense that has seen those starters a lot more than the Angels' offense has seen them.

Red Sox in 4

ALDS 2: Yankees vs. Indians
Obviously this is the matchup the Yankees wanted for the ALDS. Sabathia-Wang is a great Game 1 matchup. The Yankees have historically crushed Sabathia, but historically is an important word as they haven't faced him for 3 years. Sabathia is going to have to keep his cool and his pitch count down. He had only 37 walks this season, but if the playoffs get to him even a bit, the Yankees are going to force him into the strike zone. Wang doesn't need to outpitch Sabathia, just pitch with him. I'm confident with the Yankees going up against Carmona. Carmona has big splits as he's much better against righties than lefties. He will probably only get to face two righties in the Yankee lineup, and those guys are Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. The Yankees pound Joe Borowski. Every Yankee that is. So far this season the Yankees have had 2 three-game sweeps against the Indians, make it three.

Yankees in 3

NLDS 1: Rockies vs. Phillies
A great matchup in that both of these teams had to go on amazing runs to make the playoffs. One of them can't get past the first round. I just don't think I can ever trust Rockie pitching or the Rockies away from Coors Field.

Phillies in 5

NLDS 2: Diamondbacks vs. Cubs
I honestly don't know these teams that well, and don't feel like doing much research right now. I do know that the Cubs are the only NL team that I picked to make the playoffs in the NL that actually did.

Cubs in 5

ALCS: Yankees vs. Red Sox
The fact is, there are going to be runs scored in this series. The more hitters and pitchers face each other, the more the advantage goes to the hitters. It's why if Wang isn't on his game, he'll get hit, where other teams still might not get him. It's why the Red Sox are usually the ones who get to Rivera. It's why 2 of Jonathan Papelbon's 3 losses are to the Yankees. Both teams take tons of pitches, which means the starters are not getting the ball to the closers. In the end, the fact that the Yankees have a better offense, and Joba Chamberlain, I think is what will put them over the top against the Red Sox.

Yankees in 6

NLCS: Cubs vs. Phillies
Okay, we have two of the original NL teams. In 257 seasons, they've combined to win 3 championships, and only 1 in the last 99 years. Is it possible that two years in a row, a pathetic NL Central team wins the pennant. Why not? It will really come down to if Carlos Zambrano's arm falls off or not. We know Piniella will keep going to it. So far it hasn't.

Cubs in 7

World Series: Yankees vs. Cubs
This is not an even matchup. I think that's enough of a reason. I'll give Lou Piniella the benefit of the doubt, he can steal one game.

Yankees in 5

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