Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What Amazing Analysis

Lots of publications like to do their analysis of matchups position by position. That brings me to the matchup of Victor Martinez vs. Jorge Posada. Obviously, anybody who has seen Martinez behind the plate, knows defense will not help him in this battle.

OBP: Martinez .374, Posada .426
SLG: Martinez .505, Posada .543

Clearly, for a catcher, the numbers Martinez put up were impressive, but also not as good as Posada's. The Cleveland Plain Dealer chose Martinez as having the edge. Of course we know catcher's wear down throughout the season, maybe that's why. Well, Martinez batted .271 in September, Posada batted .395, so clearly that was not the reason.

What was the reason they gave?

"Switch-hitter Martinez is the Indians' best hitter. The same cannot be said of switch-hitter Posada for the Yankees."

Amazing reasoning. I can't believe a newspaper would even print that.


Ross said...

Just in case you were wondering, they did not have to choose one over the other, as they put "Even" for another position.

Sully said...

What position could that have possibly been? DH? SS, maybe(although I doubt it)?