Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What's Next?

This is getting ridiculous. The Yankees have won only 2 of their last 10 games, and in both of the wins, the rookie starting pitcher went immediately from the game to the DL.

The Yankees currently have on the DL:
Mike Mussina
Carl Pavano (as expected)
Phillip Hughes
Jeff Karstens
Humberto Sanchez

And of course Wang missed the first 3 weeks of the season. I'm assuming that Humberto Sanchez would have had a start by now if he had been healthy and not needed Tommy John surgery.

So the Yankees have had 6 starting pitchers hit the DL this season, that's more starters down than some teams have used this year.

It's hard not to be thinking about Roger Clemens right now. I figure he could make up for Phillip Hughes and Jeff Karstens put together, since he is the age of both of them put together.


Sully said...

You could argue that Sanchez and Mussina were expected as well, to some extent. Sanchez had a few injuries in the minors, and Mussina's old.

I think the major reason most people weren't sold on the Yankees' pitching was because they had so many injury question marks (the above guys plus Pettitte). Having the depth at AAA is great, unless two or three of your depth guys are called up at once.

And the Karstens injury was actually a good break for the Yanks - Torre was saved from his own bad decision to send Igawa to the 'pen after only four weeks. I think I finally understand why some Yankee fans want him gone.

Ross said...

The thing with Igawa is weird though. I think what happened was the best thing for him as he didn't have to think in advance before that game.

If he was the starter for the game I'm not sure he does as well.