Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yankee Pitching

Fortunately I'm going to today's game with Rasner starting and not Matt DeSalvo's tomorrow. DeSalvo isn't anything like my other debuts, as if he doesn't pitch well he's not a "bust" as he's not much of a prospect.

DeSalvo will be the 6th rookie to start a game for the Yankees this season. That's insane. Some teams have used six starters, and the Yankees, with the biggest payroll in sports have used 6 rookies.

However, I'm not that worried. Now that Musssina and Wang seem healthy, that's going to make a gigantic difference to the rotation.

The Yankees have scored the most runs in baseball, and that's without Abreu, Damon, Cano, or Matsui doing much offensively (or the first baseman but that was expected).

This team is going to score runs, and it's still possible that the rotation after the all-star break may be:

Wang, Mussina, Pettitte, Clemens, and Hughes, and that rotation may string an amazing run together when coupled with the Yankee offense. So as horrible as the Yankees have looked so far, they've consistently been a better second half season over the past number of years, and that seems very likely this season as well. I can see the light.


Ross said...

According to the NY Post, 17 rookies have started more than 1 game this season, 5 of them are Yankees, and the Astros are the only other team with more than 1 rookie pitcher with at least 2 starts.

Ross said...

Ross Ohlendorf pitched 6.1 innings of shutout ball yesterday, making you wonder if Rasner/DeSalvo don't work out over the next couple of days will he be rookie starter #7?