Friday, April 27, 2007

Lifting Rivera

I had thought it would have been longer ago than this, but it's been just over 2 years since the last time Rivera was pulled from a game mid-inning. You guys probably both remember this one.
Thanks, Baseball-Reference.

Now comes the annual "Rivera has lost it" series of articles, followed by a zero point something ERA for the rest of the season.


Sully said...

I remember that game vividly, despite the fact that I didn't see it live (I was listening on the radio on the way to the dentist). That was the first win for the Sox since the World Series. A-Rod made a big error in the 9th to open the floodgates, so it wasn't totally Rivera's fault. That game, the day before when Varitek homered off of him, and Games Four and Five of the ALDS made four straight blown saves against the Red Sox for Rivera, leading to the impromptu standing ovation he got at the Fenway home opener a week later.

And then he ripped off five-plus months of 1-point-something ERA.

Ross said...

I'll tell you though, there is a lot less "Rivera is done" in New York than there used to be. I think people might actually be learning. It's weird.