Thursday, October 05, 2006

Finally Caught Up

Curse you, TiVo. I finally caught up with all of the playoff games - I've been about a game behind "live" since the playoffs started, but thankfully yesterday's rainout got me caught up. I love being able to watch all the games, but it's hard not reading about baseball for a couple of days :)

I could quibble about some of the choices Willie Randolph made (I know Mota is a good hitting pitcher, but batting him with the bases loaded? Really?), but a win's a win. And watching two runners thrown out on one play is sure nice.

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Sully said...

I hate myself for picking Grady Little's team to win a playoff series. As soon as he brought Penny in in the seventh, you knew the Mets were going to take back the lead.

My TiVo, incidentally, recorded channel 49 (starving African children infomercials) instead of 849 (ESPN HD), so I missed the first two hours of the Met game yesterday before I got home and fixed it. I snuck home to catch the end of the Yankee game today and realized that it was doing the same thing, causing me to miss the 9th inning, so I think I'm gonna have to give in and splurge for the two-tuner, Series 3 HD box tonight instead of waiting for the holidays.