Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sliding Into First Base


Jose Valentin just did it, and it actually worked out because Lugo dropped the throw from the pitcher, but that's the fourth time I've see it happen in these playoffs (and I'm pretty sure the other three were all Nick Punto). How does this still happen? Even Joe Morgan pointed out that it was dumb! JOE FREAKING MORGAN!!!

If I were Ron Gardenhire, I'd leave Punto in Minnesota for the trip to Oakland, just to beat it into his head that he probably cost the team at least one baserunner and increased the chance of injuring himself three times in two games. Of course, Gardenhire probably appreciates that kind of "hustle" in a "scrappy" player like Punto, but that's another story.

By the way Julio Franco just beat out a double-play ball, allowing a run to score. That's amazing.

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Warren said...

Yeah, Julio is amazing. It's stupid enough that players think that sliding head first is faster than running through the bag, but I guess their managers must agree, since they let it happen.