Sunday, October 08, 2006

ESPN, you are pathetic

I'm reading on the bottom line on ESPNews right now that "sources" say the Yankees are "expected" to announce the firing of Joe Torre, and that "sources" also say that Lou Piniella is going to be the next Yankee manager. Now, honestly... is this something that the Yankees have already decided, despite Brian Cashman's quotes to the contrary, or is this something that the New York Daily News is just making up? I think most people would think the latter. But not ESPN, who desperately needs the ratings for the 2 a.m. slot of ESPNews.

Let the record show that I distinctly think that Torre could be fired and replaced by Piniella... but I sincerely doubt that such a decision has already been made, much less leaked to "sources" at the Daily News.


Warren said...

I'll believe it when I see it. I understand that it's customary to alternate players' managers with the more hardass types, but with all the veterans on the Yankees, it's hard to imagine that the hardass approach will make much of a difference.

Sully said...

Agree that Piniella isn't the best choice. Needless to say, I'm giddy about this if it actually happens.

But my point was that that's not "bottom line" news-worthy. It's a rumor. They belong on web sites, not nationally broadcasted network feeds.

Sully said...

So ESPN has put its own nontroversy to bed with a new "report" that Joe Torre won't be fired. Awesome. At least we got two days worth of sound bytes, split screens, and John Kruk screaming out of it.