Wednesday, August 23, 2006

West Coast Trip

Yes, the Red Sox (and the Yankees) are on one, but I'm not talking about them - I'm talking about me. I'm on vacation from Thursday to Thursday (tomorrow through the end of the month), visiting Seattle for two days and San Francisco for five. I'll be catching the Sox (and Schilling, from the looks of it) in Seattle and Oakland, and the Reds in San Francisco.

I've been to Safeco Field before, but I've never even set foot in the state of California, so those two parks will be new to me. I'll have my computer and I'll try to report in on each park, but I don't know how much time/internet access I'll have.

Now I just need a creative way to heckle Bonds without getting thrown out of PacBel-SBC-AT&T Park. Giving it to Bonds would be worth getting thrown out of a game for the first time, but I think my girlfriend would kill me if I did. Stay tuned...

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