Thursday, May 18, 2006

6 Division Leaders in the AL

While the NL has just 1 team leading each of it's three divisions, the AL has 2 teams leading each of its divisions.

The AL Central leads the way:
White Sox & Tigers both 26-13 -- .667 (108 Win Pace)
Yaankees & Red Sox both 23-15 2.5 .605 (98 Win Pace)
Rangers & Athltics both 20-19 6.0 .513 (83 Win Pace)

Let's not forget that the AL Central is baseball's only division to NEVER win the wild card (0-11). I'll go with the odds and say the Tigers drop off.

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Sully said...

I noticed that this morning, too. I also noticed that the entire NL West is within two games of each other. That's not really surprising, though. The surprising thing is that they're all over .500!!! I guess there's enough suck in the rest of the NL to help even them out.