Thursday, May 18, 2006

J.T. Snow

Reports are that he wants to be traded, at least that's what his agent is saying. This could be a problem, because I don't know who would actually trade for him. He's not very good, and he's not going to get the playing time that he wants anywhere - it's not just a Red Sox thing.

Assuming they do trade him or cut him, Hee-Seop Choi would be called up, which I've been waiting for. He's got a funky reverse split going on in Pawtucket, but he's hitting well overall, despite the fact that his slugging percentage is lower than his OBP. I can't imagine he'd get too many at bats with the big club, but he'd be a better option than Snow.

Other notables from the PawSox roster: Dustin Pedroia is being eaten alive by lefties, our WBC friend Trent Durrington is hitting just like the rest of team Australia, Adam Stern needs to eat his spinach and slug a little bit, and Enrique Wilson is still alive.

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Ross said...

I like Enrique Wilson. He's in the Luis Sojo/Miguel Cairo/Jose Vizcaino mold.