Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our Combined Predictions

I decided to look back at our TripleSteal combined predictions, and it turns out that the sum of our brains is better than the individual parts.

If the playoffs were to start today, we'd have 6 of the 8 playoff teams, and we could still get up to 7 of 8, with the Phillies just 2 losses out of the wild card spot.

Our NL predictions are pretty impressive actually. We have the Marlins and the Nationals in the wrong order, and that could still straighten out (2 games).

We actually had the Cubs and Brewers tied for first (I put the Cubs on top in our standings since they were my pick), and right now just half a game separates them, and we basically have the rest of that division completely correct (Houston and the Reds are currently tied, we have Houston ahead of them).

And in the west, against just the last two teams are flopped. It's very possible we could end up with 14 of the 16 teams in their correct spots in the NL.

In the AL we had the Yankees and Red Sox flopped. The rest of the AL East is as it was. The AL Central is our worst division as nobody is currently in the right spot, but only the Twins are off by more than one place, as we had them winning the division and they are in third.

The AL West we have mixed up, but we do have the Angels in first place.

It's very possible that the Mariners and the Twins will be the only 2 teams that we were off more than one spot with. That's awfully good.

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