Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ruben Rivera for Wilson Betemit

The Yankees traded failing home-grown prospect Ruben Rivera to the Padres to acquire Hideki Irabu.

Once Irabu failed miserably, they traded him to Montreal, in a deal that got them Jake Westbrook.

Westbrook was traded in a deadline deal to the Indians to acquire David Justice in 2000. Justice went on to win the ALCS MVP that season and help the Yankees win a World Series.

In the offseason before 2002, the Yankees shipped Justice to the Mets to get Robin Ventura. Ventura went to the All-Star game in 2002.

Robin Ventura wasn't performing in 2003 and at the deadline he was sent to the Dodgers for Scott Proctor.

Scott Proctor was just sent back to the Dodgers four years later, for Wilson Betemit.

Rivera hasn't played a major league game since 2003, and Betemit is 25, plays lots of positions and so far has been lighting up Yankee Stadium.

Sometimes it takes a while to see if a trade works out or not.

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