Sunday, August 05, 2007

Less than 1 month later

On July 7th, the AL Wild Card Standings looked like this:

Cleveland --
Seattle 2.5
Minnesota 7
Oakland 8
Yankees 9.5

Today's Wild Card Standings
Detroit --
Yankees .5
Seattle .5
Minnesota 4
Toronto 5

To do that in less than a month, you need help, and the Yankees got it. Detroit's winning percentage has dropped .045 in that time, Cleveland's dropped .039, Seattle's .021, and Oakland's .033. The Angels have dropped .027 in that time as well. The Red Sox have only gone down .003 during that time, almost locking up a playoff spot, unless a total collapse. The chances of three team surging enough to pass the Red Sox is very unlikely.

The Yankees have picked up .056 in that time, due to a combination of a weak schedule and remembering how to hit. That means they've caught up .101 on Detroit in less than a month, a month that included the All-Star Break.


Ross said...

Mr. Pythogrean says the Yankees should be tied with the Red Sox at 70-41 right now.

He also says that the next most wins any team would have is 62.

I wish Mr. Pythagorean had more say in things.

Warren said...

You didn't seem to care what Mr. Pythagorean had to say from 1998 to 2006 when the Yankees won more games than Mr. Pythagorean said every year.

Sully said...

Isn't it Mr. Pythagoras?