Thursday, August 30, 2007

NL Wins

It's looking very likely that the NL will not have any pitchers with 20 wins, again. Of course they should be able to top the 16-win leaders of last season, but maybe not by that much. Chien-Ming Wang, who won three more games than any NL starter last season, gave the NL a 1-month head start, as he began the year injured and didn't win his first game until May 5th. Well, today he picked up win #16, more than anybody in the NL.

I'm feeling pretty good about my prediction of 19 wins for Wang despite knowing he'd start the year on the DL. He should have 5 starts left. Pettitte and Wang combined to win 11 games in August, that's 2 more wins than the Yankees had in April.

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