Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Yankee Postseason Roster

Well, the trading deadline has past, the Yankees are getting closer by the day to the Wild Card spot, so it made me think what I want the Yankee postseason roster to look like. I can pretty much guarantee, it won't look like this, but this is what I want it to be:

CF- Melky Cabrera
SS- Derek Jeter
RF- Bobby Abreu
3B- Alex Rodriguez
1B- Jason Giambi
C - Jorge Posada
LF- Hideki Matsui
2B- Robinson Cano
DH- Johnny Damon

C- Jose Molina
IN- Wilson Betemit
PR- Bret Gardner
PF- Doug Mientkiewicz

Chien-Ming Wang
Andy Pettitte
Roger Clemens
Phillip Hughes

Mariano Rivera
Joba Chamberlain
Luis Vizcaino
Mike Mussina
Ian Kennedy
Edwar Ramirez
Jeff Karstens
Ron Villone

Any thoughts yet on the Mets and Red Sox rosters, since they are actually sitting in postseason positions right now?


Warren said...

Lineup (I get to do it my unorthodox way, right?):

3B - David Wright (R)
CF - Carlos Beltran (S)
1B - Carlos Delgado (L)
LF - Moises Alou (R)
SS - Jose Reyes (S)
RF - Lastings Milledge (R) or Shawn Green (L)
2B - Luis Castillo (S)
C - Paul LoDuca (R)

C - Ramon Castro (R)
IF - Jose Valentin (S)
IF - Brett Harper (L)
OF - Milledge (R) / Green (L)
OF - Ben Johnson (R)
OF - Endy Chavez (L)

John Maine (R)
Oliver Perez (L)
Tom Glavine (L)
Orlando Hernandez (R)

Billy Wagner (L)
Aaron Heilman (R)
Pedro Feliciano (L)
Joe Smith (R)
Jorge Sosa (R)
Scott Schoeneweis (L)
Pedro Martinez (R)

The Mets could really use a better lefty in the bullpen, since Schoeneweis, sucks. Randolph loves using him for multiple batters, but since I'm in charge he only gets to pitch if the Mets need to get a lefty out and it's too early for Feliciano or Wagner.

I thought about putting Oliver Perez in the bullpen, but that seems like a waste, and it might be good to have Pedro in there working fewer innings. The other option is to put Duque in there, since he had success doing that for the White Sox in 2005.

The bench should give the Mets opportunities to pinch hit for not only the pitcher, but also Lo Duca (whose backup is about as good as he is) and Castillo (ditto). Shawn Green may suck as a starter, but he wouldn't be a bad pinch hitter.

Sully said...

The Yankees get to use 2 DH's?

I'm putting my own fantasy batting order in as well:

1B - Youkilis
RF - Drew
LF - Ramirez
DH - Ortiz
3B - Lowell
C - Varitek
2B - Pedroia
CF - Crisp
SS - Lugo

C - Anyone (Mirabelli if Anyone is unavailable)
IF - Cora
OF - Kielty
Util - Hinske
PR - Ellsbury



Lester could very well be the 4th in the rotation if he pitches well the rest of the way, but I'd rather have a second lefty in the 'pen. I really wish there were a better catching option than Mirabelli somewhere in the system, but there isn't, so I guess I'm stuck with him. But with the new, spaced-out playoff format, you'll only need a 4th starter once or twice if you go deep, so it shouldn't bee too much of an issue.