Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ian Kennedy, You're Welcome

The Yankees will be having Ian Kennedy taking Mike Mussina's spot in the rotation. Kennedy will be the 8th Yankee pitcher making his ML debut this year, and the third who is a legitimate prospect (with Hughes and Chamberlain). Kennedy is 22, and did the A-Ball to Majors trek like Chamberlain did.

This time I already have tickets to Saturday's game. I will not go. I have Friday, Sunday and Labor Day tickets as well, which makes it easier (and the fact it's the D-Rays) to skip a game I have tickets to. Chamberlain started on the road, so that one was not an issue. And of course I had to turn down Sully's not-so--kind (but absolutely hilarious) offer of tickets to Hughes' ML debut.

So Ian Kennedy, while you may never know what I just did for your career, you're welcome.

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Sully said...

Well, it's possible that just you having the tickets is enough... Hughes hasn't exactly lit the world on fire. Granted, he's young, and small sample size and all that, but you may not be out of the woods yet with Kennedy...