Sunday, June 17, 2007

Farm System Records

How much do the records of an organizations farm teams mean? I don't know, but figured it would be interesting to see where each organization stands right now. The top 2 organizations (in terms of Farm-Team winning percentage), the Brewers and the Yankees were the only two teams to have all four of its currently playing farm clubs to have reords over .500. On the other side, the bottom three teams, the Mariners (last), Nationals (29th), and Royals (28th) were the only 3 teams to have all of it's affiliates with losing records. At least for the Mariners, their parent club is over .500, while the Nationals and Royals are in last place in their respective divisions. If Farm Club records are indicative of how the organization stands prospect-wise, you could see the Nationals and Royals maintaining their current positions for quite some time (at least they'll get a lot of top draft picks in the next few years).

As far as American League vs. National League, the difference was only a few games and could swap any day, so the leagues seem even under the top level.

Here's how the 30 organizations rank (ML Records are not included).
#1 .600 Milwaukee Brewers
#2 .582 New York Yankees
#3 .563 Cleveland Indians
#4 .546 Cincinnati Reds
#5 .546 San Francisco Giants
#6 .541 Texas Rangers
#7 .526 Tampa Bay Devil Rays
#8 .524 Colorado Rockies
#9 .523 Minnesota Twins
#10 .522 Los Angeles Dodgers
#11 .517 Detroit Tigers
#12 .513 Arizona Diamondbacks
#13 .511 Philadelphia Phillies
#14 .511 St. Louis Cardinals
#15 .509 Oakland Athletics
#16 .509 Chicago Cubs
#17 .498 Los Angeles Angels
#18 .498 Atlanta Braves
#19 .490 Pittsburgh Pirates
#20 .485 Boston Red Sox
#21 .481 Baltimore Orioles
#22 .479 Toronto Blue Jays
#23 .474 Houston Astros
#24 .471 Chicago White Sox
#25 .471 Florida Marlins
#26 .464 San Diego Padres
#27 .431 New York Mets
#28 .430 Kansas City Royals
#29 .409 Washington Nationals
#30 .396 Seattle Mariners

I'm looking forward to the start of Short-Season Rookie Ball. I'll have Box Scores for 6 Yankee minor league affiliates to look at every day instead of just 4.

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