Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Khalil Greene Moment

So I was watching Baseball Tonight this weekend, and I had my first Khalil Greene moment of the season when I saw Reggie Willits beat a throw home for the Angels. Definitely assumed Reggie was a black guy. Is it possible that he's really Howie Kendrick, and vice versa? That they just switched identities in the minors to mess with people?


Warren said...

I had the same moment. I've had Willits on a fantasy team for the past couple of years (yes, it's a league with very deep rosters), so I've known his name for a while, so that was a bit of a shock.

Henry Owens, the injured Marlins closer, is also white, apparently. He was a Mets prospect, and this was a surprise to me.

Ross said...

Jay Payton I thought was white until he made the Mets' roster.

Warren said...

My latest - likely #1 draft pick David Price.