Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mussina's upcoming record

I was reading an article about Mike Mussina on, and it was mentioning how steady he has been, while never winning 20 games in a season, he is one of just 12 pitchers to ever win at least 10 games for 15 consecutive seasons.

This got me wondering, if there is anybody out there with more career wins than Mussina without having won 20 games.

Mussina, at 239 career wins, currently ranks 54th on Baseball's all-time list.

There are two other players in fact. One is Frank Tanana, who also topped out at 19 wins. Tanana has 240 career wins, ranked tied for 52nd all time.

Denny Martinez is the other. Martinez won 245 career games, ranking 48th all-time. Martinez is a little more staggering though. Besides having never won 20, Denny Martinez never won more than 16 games in a season. He is the only person in the top 100 all-time to have never won at least 17 games in a season. There are only 7 players in the top 100 to have never won 20.

#48 Denny Martinez, 245, 16 Wins
#52 Frank Tanana, 240, 19 Wins
#54 Mike Mussina, 239, 19 Wins
#73 Jerry Reuss, 220, 18 Wins
#78 Charlie Hough, 216, 18 Wins
#90 Milt Pappas, 209, 17 Wins
#94 Kenny Rogers, 207, 18 Wins

When Mike Mussina wins his 7th game of the season, he will become the winningest pitcher in baseball history to have never won 20, which at very least means he still better not have fungus on his flip-flops.

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Sully said...

Wow - did not see that Bull Durham quote coming. Well done.