Monday, March 12, 2007

Carl Pavano Pitches tonight versus Red Sox, in theory

Carl Pavano makes his second spring start tonight, possibly. He was supposed to make his second spring start a few nights ago, but his girlfriend had some kind of medical emergency (clearly anybody around Carl Pavano too much has injuries) and he left the ballpark an hour before his start.

The Yankees are facing the Red Sox tonight, and Pavano is out of turn in the rotation now. Tonight is actually Andy Pettitte's rotation spot, however, the Yankees had planned all along to have Pettitte pitch a simulated game today, as they didn't want him to take a three hour bus ride, or have the Red Sox "A" lineup to see him pitch before the season.

As far as the Red Sox "A" lineup seeing Carl Pavano pitch before the season, the Yankees are just happy to have anybody seeing Pavano on a mound pitching.

I'm just worried about Pavano pitching a road game, as there will be a bus full of other Yankees being transported with Pavano.

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