Thursday, November 09, 2006

Silicon Valley Athletics?

Please say that this ain't so...

It's a good thing that the A's are getting a new stadium (and even better that they're funding it themselves), but why don't they just keep the Oakland name? I could even deal with the Freemont A's, even though nobody's ever heard of Fremont and their first question upon hearing the name would be "why the hell is there a major league team in Fremont?"

Or if they're just ditching Oakland altogether, why doesn't MLB allow Oakland to become part of the Giants "territory" and allow the A's to take San Jose? San Jose doesn't sound like a big-league city either, but it's better than the alternatives.

"New England," "Carolina," and "Golden State" are pushing it as far as naming your team after a region, but at least each one of those is somewhat official. Silicon Valley? We're going to name a team after the 90's tech boom? Really?

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