Thursday, November 09, 2006

Arizona's New Threads

Wow, all hell has broken loose in the last few days. Let's get started with the Diamondbacks (or D*Backs, as it now says on the jersey, new look. I'm not a huge fan, but I see some positives. First of all, the color scheme is much simpler - just red, black, and white. No purple and teal and gold and aqua and whatever other Crayola colors they threw into their old uniforms. Also, although I'm no fan of the fact that they introduced a third jersey right out of the chute, it appears that they have only three variations of uniform combinations now, unlike in the past when they were mixing and matching jerseys and hats to come up with dozens of different looks. This is simpler, and thus, better.

But what's the deal with teams changing logos and colors and uniforms so often? The Diamondbacks have only been around for, what, nine years? They really need to make a change already? I don't get it. Of course, over that same nine year period, the Blue Jays and Astros (and I think the Buffalo Sabres, and probably other teams) have changed their respective looks twice, and baseball teams have started wearing sleeveless jerseys, and the Boston Celtics have added cheerleaders, and MLB has put movie logos on bases, so I guess times are just changing.

Wow - now I suddenly feel really old...

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