Monday, October 09, 2006

More Revisited Predictions

Well, I might as well rehash mine, which were far less successful than Warren's.

MVP: A-Rod & Pujols. Obviously way off on A-Rod, and Pujols was and still is a no-brainer. I remember that Ross gave us crap for "really reaching" by picking Pujols. We'll have to revisit his picks later.

Cy Young: Halladay & Peavy. Halladay is the consensus #2 in the AL behind Johan Santana, so I wasn't that far off. Peavy... ugh. I don't know what happened to him, but I was definitely drinking the Baseball Prospectus Kool-Aid when I made that pick. It's still a defensible pick, unlike...

Rookie: Ian Kinsler & Prince Fielder. I wanted to pick Papelbon, but I didn't want to jinx him. So I went with the hitter, thinking that he'd be more of a sure thing than a young pitcher, and Kinsler was the one who went out and got injured. Fielder's candidacy fell apart when he disappeared in August and September, once Rickie Weeks and Carlos Lee weren't in the lineup anymore. But he did have a pretty good year.

Manager: Joe Torre & Ned Yost. Well, Torre actually did a pretty good job in the regular season, but now he might get canned after the real manager of the year's team destroyed his in four games. Warren already talked about Yost - next year, when the Brewers are closer to being legit, I'll probably pick him again.

A-Rod, Peavy, Kinsler, and Yost were mighty whiffs. Pujols, Halladay, and Torre, and maybe even Fielder, will finish in the top three in the real voting, so I guess I can't moan too much about them. Socially acceptable job on my part.

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