Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Worst Predictions....Ever

I should be paid by teams to not make predictions about their players:

Coco Crisp will have a better AVG, OBP, SLG and more R, RBI, HR and SB than Johnny Damon.

Sully, you're welcome for guaranteeing his injury.

Mark Teixeira will lead the AL in home runs and RBI

David Ortiz is leading the league with 31 homers - Texieria has 9.

Alfonso Soriano will stay with the Nationals in left field, have a horrible first half, and the Nationals will keep him in order to get free agent compensation.

Hmm - close.

1 comment:

Sully said...

I notice you didn't post the "4 15-game winners on the A's" prediction...

Other than the Tigers, Indians, Mets, and A's, I think mine are looking okay so far. I'll have to look them over later - I've been meaning to do that.