Monday, July 24, 2006

Soriano to the ChiSox?

Now this would be something. The White Sox already have an incredible 3-4-5 in their lineup; adding Soriano (and subtracting Brian Anderson) only makes them more ferocious. You'd have to think that their pitching is going to settle down and get better, and if they can off-set the loss of McCarthy with MacDougal, even better.

Kenny Williams is making a pretty gutsy move here. Not a whole lot of teams have a chance to win back-to-back titles, and he's going for it. It might hurt in a few years, but that second banner at U.S. Cellular would soften the blow a little bit.

And even thought we don't know all of the particulars, this looks like a pretty good deal for the Nationals, too. I didn't think Bowden would be able to get a prospect as good as McCarthy for a Soriano rental at this point, especially a pitching prospect. McCarthy can slide straight into their rotation, and in that park, in that league, and without a whole lot of innings on his arm yet this year, he could have some success right away.

Of course, it may not happen at all. But that's what makes deadline season so awesome.

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Warren said...

McCarthy should put up some nice numbers in RFK. I also wasn't expecting a major-league ready young player like McCarthy coming back for Soriano.

I can't believe MacDougal is 29 years old already.