Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beckett's Extension

So the Red Sox extended Josh Beckett for three more years and $30 million (with a team/vesting option for a fourth year). On the one hand, that's a pretty sweet rate for a potential ace as young as he is (26), especially on the heels of his eight shutout innings today.

On the other hand, he's had the typical NL-to-AL struggles this year, just like other young-ish pitchers like Matt Clement, Carl Pavano, and AJ Burnett (although the other thing that those four pitchers have in common is that they all pitched for the Marlins - there could be other factors at work here), so maybe this deal is a little premature. I know there was talk about extending him when they extended Coco Crisp in spring training, but they decided to wait and see how he responded to Boston. It's likely that the Red Sox know some things that I don't, so I'm pretty sure that I like this deal.

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