Saturday, June 03, 2006

Who next...

Jason Giambi came down with whatever Alex Rodriguez has. That put the two of them out of action for today.

In each of the first ten games this season, the Yankees 3-6 batters were Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, Hideki Matsui. Today the heart of the lineup did not include any of them. This marks the 4th consecutive game that four members of the Yankees' opening day lineup did not make the starting lineup.

Robsinson Cano is the only Yankee to start each of the last four games.

Of the 9 players on the Yankees opening day lineup, none of them went on the Disabled List last season. Matsui, ARod, and Jeter combined to miss three games all year. Jeter and ARod have combined to miss four games in the last four days (2 each), and we all know about Matsui.

The Yankees reached 10 hits for the 10th consecuitve game today. Included in those 10 games were four against the team with the best ERA in the league.

Go figure.

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Ross said...

Robinson Cano has the longest current consecutive games played streak for the Yankees, at 7 games.

I wonder if that's the lowest active streak in team history.