Friday, June 23, 2006


Joe Girardi said before the game, his big concern for this game is that his team would be "tight" coming into Yankee Stadium.

I almost feel bad for Brian Moehler. The Yankees have a 3-0 lead after 1 inning (and they left the bases loaded), it should have been 1-0.

Damon led off with a double. After that there were three errors (one on a double play ball), and another play that was called a hit but Jacobs should have been able to make the play. Moehler got two strikeouts in the inning, and was getting ground ball after ground ball. With the 3 outs he got, the play that should have been made, and the three errors including one on a double play ball, giving up three runs in an inning that you had to get 8 outs, isn't that bad.

It was comedic.

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