Saturday, June 24, 2006

AL vs. NL Update

Last night the AL went 9-5 against their NL counterparts. Bringing the total to 86-54, a .614 winning percentage for the AL (a 100-win season equivalent).

I'm heading out shortly for Oldtimers day, with David Cone and Darryl Strawberry making their first Oldtimers appearances.

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Sully said...

The Tigers beat the Cardinals, too, so the Cards are 0-4 against the best teams in the AL (0-2 with Pujols in the lineup). The White Sox also beat the Astros again, not surprisingly.

At the risk of giving Warren a heart attack, it's basically up to the Mets this year if the NL is going to win anything. The rest of the "contenders" over there are quite underwhelming.