Monday, June 26, 2006

A-Rod vs. Jeter

I originally planned on a post comparing A-Rod's "clutchness" this season to Ortiz's, but then I found this post and thought it was infinitely more telling/humorous. As the poster says, it's still early to read too much into this, but Jeter certainly has been the definition of clutch for the Yankees this season. A-Rod... not so much.

As for Ortiz, his WPA is at 242.3 for the season, compared to A-Rod's 14.0 (6th on the Yankees). It also warrants mentioning that A-Rod has a higher leverage index, meaning that he's been in more "clutch" situations so far this season. It has been a down year for A-Rod, so this may not mean anything yet. But almost halfway through the season, he's not doing much to quiet his doubters.

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