Monday, June 26, 2006

MLB's Sensitivity Training

What do you think about it, John Rocker?

John Rocker walked into the room to meet the man assigned to conduct his Major League Baseball-mandated sensitivity training six years ago and walked out shortly thereafter with the discussion delving no deeper than the weather.

“The guy told me when I got there I had to show up to make it look good for people, so after about 15 minutes I left and walked right out of the room and it satisfied the powers that be,” Rocker said… "It was a farce, a way for the scared little man, Bud Selig, to get people off his [backside],” Rocker said by phone.

Rocker’s comments also drew a fine that was reduced upon appeal from $20,000 to $500 but says that, too, was more about show than dough.

“I never paid a cent, a lot of players never pay a cent,” Rocker said. “It’s just a front to look good and the way Selig cowers to pressure.”

This doesn't really surprise me, but, good lord...

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