Thursday, June 08, 2006

Melvin Mora

I can't believe how horrible of a base-running mistake Melvin Mora made yesterday. In case anybody didn't see this, it was truly idiotic. And that's about as kind as one can be describing the play.

He's on third base, and a popup is hit that the shortstop had to go back on. Mora misread it and though it would be a harder play, so he tags up and is of course out of the plate. That's not good, but when you factor in the situation, it should be the worst baserunning play of the year.

He did this with two outs in the 9th inning, ending the game. Here's the thing though, he wasn't the go-ahead run. He wasn't the tying run. The Orioles were trailing the Blue Jays by two.

And the tying run was on second base where a single could tie the score. His run meant nothing, the guy on 2nd had to score.

Melvin Mora is just lucky that he did this in Baltimore and not in a place like New York or Boston. Plus, the timing couldn't have been better to be forgotten about as in Baltimore right now the big story is Jason Grimsley as it is believed that three of the blanks have to be Orioles.

Last year when Rafael Palmiero had his problems, Grimsley was quoted as saying "He's my teammate. I'll go to war with him any day."

At least he's not a hypocrit too.

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Sully said...

Well, it's possible that Mora is one of the blanks, and as a result his head wasn't really in the game...