Friday, May 12, 2006

Tabata Time?

Well, of course it's not actually time for 17-year old propsect Jose Tabata. That's the heart of the problem with the Yankees' farm system. It right now has the potential to bring in veterans via trade with a strong core of prospects in A-Ball, but with the exception of Melky Cabrera, who looks to be a regular Yankee outfielder now, there is no help coming from the system anytime soon.

They are saying Matsui could be done for the season. I of course do not believe it. Just as I did not believe it when they said that about David Cone in 1996, or when they said Derek Jeter may miss 3 or 4 months in 2003. Matsui will be back before the season is over, probably in August. Just like David Cone and Derek Jeter, Matsui is a fierce competitor, and will be back significantly ahead of whatever time table we hear is set for him. I'm sure of that.

The only potential help at any positions at this time is from veterans like Carlos Pena (who is still not hitting at Columbus), Scott Erickson, Ramiro Mendoza... Major League veterans. JB Cox in AA is probably the next closest prospect to being ready. The Yankees did have a number of options on who to call up with losing a 2nd outfielder. Since Bernie can play the outfield, if Carlos Pena was hitting at all, he would have gotten the call to be the DH. Unfortunately he's not hitting.

Then there are the Kevins. Kevin Reese and Kevin Thompson. Both are past the age of prospects, and both were impressive in spring training. Kevin Thompson is the better hitter and Kevin Reese the better defensive player. The Yankees have chosen defense for now with Reese.

Gary Sheffield is going for another MRI today, as there is some fear that his wrist may be more hurt than expected. At this point the Yankees still expect to have him back within 3 weeks. If it is longer, the Yankees only "prospect" who could have a chance is Brett Gardner. This is his first full-season of professional ball, but he has been keeping his OBP hovering around the .500 mark all year, and is 22-years old after attending college.

The Columbus Clippers are obviously short outfielders at this point with Melky and Reese now with the Yankees. It may be a good time to jump Gardner from A-ball to AAA to see how he performs and find out if he is an option at all.

Side Note: It was around the bottom of the 5th inning that rumors were very quickly circulating through the 54,000+ fans that Hideki Matsui had broken his wrist. It the bottom of the 8th inning, I noticed I had a voice mail from Sully. Grillo, who I was attending the game with, immediately thought the voice mail was Sully gloating. I told Grillo, no way, I'm pretty sure that voice mail is Sully telling me that Matsui broke his wrist as he probably figures I don't know yet. To no surprise, Sully continued to be one of the few classy Red Sox fans as that was all he was calling about, and not in a gloating way at all.

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