Thursday, May 11, 2006

Matsui (the good one) injured

Hideki Matsui left tonight's game in the top of the first inning after diving for a Mark Loretta fly ball and injuring his left wrist. From the angles I saw on TV, it did not look good. He rolled his arm and body over it, shook his glove off immediately as he picked up the ball with his right hand, and grabbed it right away after the ball was away.

The trainers held it still as he walked off, and he looked to be in a lot of pain. I don't think it's a stretch to think that it's broken, and as someone who has broken both of my wrists (at the same time!), I can tell you he'll be out for a while, at least six weeks. We could even be in Derek Lee territory, which, of course, is terrible news for the Yankees.

We probably won't know for a few days, but I'd be shocked if he's playing tomorrow.


Sully said...

They're dropping like flies now... Aaron Rowand hit the wall hard making the catch for the final out against the Mets. His face smacked the metal grating on the center field wall, and he walked off with the trainers. He doesn't look like he's coming back, but he may not miss more than the rest of this game.

It was an amazing catch, though...

Sully said...

It's official - Matsui has a fractured wrist. There goes the iron man streak.