Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ryan Madson

Warren, did you watch that whole game last night? What the hell was Charlie Manuel thinking leaving Madson in for his 8th inning of relief? He'd thrown 100 pitches, the middle of the Mets lineup was coming up, and Cormier and Gordon were still available... what was he waiting for?

That was baffling. It even made me forget about the Red Sox loss for a while. Fun game to watch, though, as a neutral fan.


Warren said...

Unfortunately, I was asleep long before the game ended.

Poor Madson - what a great illustration of why pitcher wins can be really stupid. The other pitchers give up 8 runs in 8 innings, while Madson gives up 1 in 7 innings and gets the loss.

I heard that Cormier had some sort of injection before the game, so he wasn't really available. So once you lift Madson, you only have Gordon left, and he hasn't gone more than an inning all season.

Madson has been very strange - he's been outstanding in the bullpen in his career, and was pretty awful early this season as a starter (as someone who had him on my fantasy team, I know this well). But he pitched well yesterday out of the bullpen, even though he pitched more innings than most of his starts. I assume that part is a fluke, but it is strange.

Sully said...

Well, I guess the silver lining for the Phillies is that they didn't completely burn out their 'pen for tonight, since Gordon and Cormier didn't pitch and three other guys combined for something like 16 pitches. Either way, Madson was over 100, so I find it strange that they would have pushed him.