Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Posada picking up the slack...

With all the Yankee injuries, Jorge Posada has come up huge. I'm just dreading the Yankees' next day game after a night game where Jorge will sit one of them. That will come against the Mets this weekend.

Jorge's last 9 plate appearances...
1. RBI Single
2. RBI Sac Fly
3. Walk
4. RBI Game-Tying Sac Fly
5. Bottom of the 9th, 2 out, Walk-Off Home Run
6. RBI Single
7. Hit By Pitch
8. RBI Single
9. Walk

In each of his 6 plate appearances that he wasn't walked or hit by a pitch, he drove in a run(s). Not surprisingly he's gotten his average up over .300, OBP over .400, and SLG over .500.


Sully said...

I still hate him and think he looks like a rat. That's pretty impressive, though.

Warren said...

He's also the only Yankee that Mandy can stand, because of the All-Star game a few years ago when he sent his kid out onto the field when they were announcing the starting lineups. I have to admit that he's not too objectionable. For a Yankee.

Sully said...

10/16/03... bloop 2-run double... tie game... Yankee fans throwing beer at me everywhere in the upper deck... finally Grady makes the switch...

I'm sorry, I'll never like him. But watching Manny chase his kid around the infield at that all-star game was pretty funny.