Saturday, May 20, 2006


"Ouch" may be the most appropriate way to describe the Yankees these days.

The Yankees 5-9 batters on opening day compared to today:

Opening Day
5- Jason Giambi
6- Hideki Matsui
7- Jorge Posada
8- Bernie Williams
9- Robinson Cano


5- Robinson Cano
6- Miguel Cairo
7- Melky Cabrera
8- Kelly Stinett
9- Mike Mussina

And even if the Yankees did have a DH today, it just means that Kevin Reese is in the #9 spot, and I don't think he hits much better than Mike Mussina.

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Ross said...

Of course this part of the lineup would be integral in the Yankee's 4-run 9th inning to tie the game off Billy Wagner.

The announcers, especially Buck, was saying that Randolph will get critisized for bringing in Wagner with a 4-run lead. Since it wasn't a save situation it's not what he's used to. That's insane.

That might be a worse theory than it was the curse of "Enter Sandman".

The Yankees just double-switched so Jason Giambi is now out of the game. If this game doesn't end soon the Mets will be facing the entire Columbus Clippers opening day lineup.