Monday, May 19, 2008

Lesson Learned

Last week, a co-worker said he knew someone who had five tickets to tonight's Sox-Royals game. He asked me if I wanted them at face value, $45 each. I said I'd try to get some people together and let him know. I figured I'd try to get a few of my cousins together, so I e-mailed one to see if he'd be interested. He didn't respond right away, and I wasn't in the office on Thursday or Friday, and that co-worker wasn't in today. I pretty much forgot about it, since it was the Royals and Beckett, who was supposed to pitch tonight, got moved up a day to face the Brewers after Buchholz hit the DL.

Fast forward to 5:30 this afternoon. After being away late last week, and after Danielle worked nights most of the weekend, we had barely seen each other. She told me she'd make a nice dinner tonight, and it was relatively cold and windy downtown today, so when my boss called me and said someone from the regional office had extra tickets to the game tonight, I thought about it for about five seconds and said no thanks. For the second time in a week, I decided I didn't want to spend tonight at Fenway Park.

I will never make that mistake again.

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