Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I'm not positive as I couldn't find a list of most games caught to check every catcher that needed checking, but from what I can tell, last season tied the record of most consecutive seasons catching at least 130 games, at 8. Tying the record that Jason Kendall set just one year prior.

In Kendall's first year of his streak, he had a .412 OBP and a .470 SLG. By the last year of it he had a .301 OBP and a .306 SLG.

Bob Boone actually took a 5-year streak through age 38. However, he wasn't much of a hitter through any of it. The mid-year of it, age 36, the age Posada turned last season, Boone had a .504 OPS, significantly lower than Posada's .543 SLG of last season.

Yogi Berra had a 7-year streak, but the last of those years was age 31.

Other Hall-of-Famers (and locks) streaks and the ages they did it:
Carlton Fisk - 3, 28-30
Johnny Bench 4, 20-23
Mike Piazza - 4, 27-30
Ivan Rodriguez - 4, 24-27
Gabby Hartnett - 1, 32
Gary Carter - 4, 28-31
Mickey Cochrane - 3, 25-27
Roy Campanella - 1, 31
Rick Ferrell - 1, 32
Ernie Lombardi - 0
Rick Ferrell - 0
Ray Schalk - 1, 29
Roger Bresnahan - 1, 29
Bill Dickey - 1, 30

Jason Varitek's longest streak was 3. And Yankee coach Tony Pena made it to five, but with a very low OPS.

Posada is in somewhat uncharted territory.


Warren said...

Nice jinx, Ross. Thanks for doing it to a Yankee.

Sully said...

Yeah, we should have seen that coming...