Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Minute Predictions

I'm not sure I've ever predicted the Mets to win the World Series before. Time to jinx them in a whole new way.

Mets over Dodgers in 4
Diamondbacks over Cubs in 3
Yankees over Indians in 5
Angels over Red Sox in 5

Mets over Diamondbacks in 6
Angels over Yankees in 5

Mets over Angels in 6

AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera
Darkhorse – Erik Bedard

AL Cy Young – John Lackey
Darkhorse – Jon Garland (I could see him being the guy that gets great run support and lucks into 22 wins)

AL Rookie – Evan Longoria
Darkhorse – Jacob McGee

NL MVP – David Wright
Darkhorse – Matt Kemp

NL Cy Young – Cole Hamels
Darkhorse – Aaron Harang

NL Rookie – Hiroki Kuroda
Darkhorse – Brandon Jones

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