Monday, February 18, 2008

Hovering around .500

There are 4 teams that have their franchise record hovering around .500. The poor Astros. The Astros need to win 91 games this season to get to .500. At one point in April last season they were within 1 game of .500. That would have been the first time the franchise had been at .500 since the franchise was 12 games old.

The Diamondbacks are currently 18 games over .500, so they just have to win 72 games this season to not fall under.

The Blue Jays finally had gotten over in 1993, but regressed very quickly the 3 years after that. To get back over now, they would need to pull off a miracle 102-win season.

Then there are the Braves, who were under for such an incredibly long time. Even that monster run they went on for all those years did not put them over. It put them very close, and then they let the team slide. They need to win 92 games this year to get over .500, a winning percentage that they accomplished 14 times from 1991 to 2004.

The Yankees can lose 100 games each season through the 2065 season and still be over .500.

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