Monday, January 21, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

I didn't realize you were a Giants fan, Warren (I know Ross is)... that makes the Super Bowl even more fun. Shall we place a friendly wager? A little competitive smack talk might help pass the time until pitchers and catchers report.

Go Pats.


Warren said...

Can Ross really be considered a Giants fan? Let's see if he can name more than two players on the team... (Okay, three, since Tynes' name is mentioned in a previous post).

I had been a Giants fan growing up - I was a Mets fan, and it seemed weird to be a New York fan for baseball but not for football (plus, I enjoyed being the only Giants fan surrounded by Redskins fans). Although, thankfully I never became a Knicks fan (I'm a fan of the Jazz, but that's another story).

This probably came from living in football-crazy Texas, but I decided to really get back into football a couple of years ago. It really does help make the baseball offseason fly by.

As for the Super Bowl, it's going to be interesting (and strange) to see how (perhaps for the first time), basically every person on the planet outside of New England is going to be rooting for a New York team.

I'm always in favor of wagers, friendly or not. We should come up with some of those weird prop bets, like the over/under on the number of wrinkles on Tom Petty's face.

Ross said...

What are you talking about "Can Ross really be considered a Giants fan?".

Granted, obviously my caring about the Giants doesn't come close to that of the Yankees, I would not have gone into a depression for a couple of weeks had the Giants lost on Sunday, but I know who all the Giants are.

Growing up, from '86 until college I watched every single Giant game.

Sully said...

Until college? Why did you stop all of a sudden? If the answer is anything other than "Danny Kannell," I have to question your fanhood to some degree.

Have you got a Super Bowl prediction yet? Something along the lines of "Giants 10, Ravens 0" I hope...

Ross said...

I have not come up with my prediction yet. There's a long time until the game yet. I'm sure I'll have it by this weekend.

The only reason was time. Once I hit college I didn't follow any team with the same ferver as pre-college, except the Yankees. Plus there was the addition of Cornell Hockey.

As I have always said, it's Yankees first. If the Giants lose the Super Bowl (which I don't anticipate), I will be unpleasant to be around that day, not for 3 weeks. I'm not die-hard when it comes to the Giants, but the director of my school is, and he was quite impressed with my knowledge of the old days.

I am a Giants fan. I'm just a much bigger Yankee fan. That's why there no "TripleTurnover" blog.