Saturday, January 12, 2008


With everything that's happened, baseball players can still use HGH as long as they don't get caught purchasing it or with it on them. There is still no test being used for HGH. So if you can get your hands on it without getting caught, using it is not the problem.

Of course, now if you get caught getting it, that's a 50 game suspension.

Steroids is being tested for and is harder to get. HGH is still very easy to buy on the Internet.

What if I find out where David Ortiz lives during Spring Training. I'm sure that's not too hard to do. Then I go online, purchase HGH, and have it sent to his place. I put in annonymous phone calls to the FBI, MLB's new investigative department, Sports Illustrated, and the Daily News, telling them I'm an employee of the company that shipped it out, and when it should be arriving.

Could I get David Ortiz suspended for 50 games and have his reputation ruined forever? If I were still working in a hotel, it would be very easy for me to wait until I had a guest from Boston come in, and use their Credit Card information.

Without having accurate testing, everybody is at risk.

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